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Our A-level course in Madrid, Tres Cantos, is delivered to 16-18-year-olds, each of whom is supported in every aspect of their learning. We aim to ensure that all our students benefit from a robust 2-year A-level (Advanced Level) curriculum that offers an internationally recognised route to top universities worldwide.

A-levels are considered the ‘Gold Standard’ of UK-accredited Secondary School qualifications, and many leading universities favour A-level graduates who obtain good grades on this challenging course. Throughout their education, A-level students are guided by dedicated and passionate teachers. Prior to starting the A-level course, candidates must select a combination of 3-4 A-level subjects, giving them the freedom to focus on their key strengths and interests in a fully personalised programme.

As long-standing providers of A-level education, we aim to ensure that the young people enroled in the A-level curriculum gain a rewarding learning experience that goes above and beyond high-quality British education. Therefore, our A-level programme provides much more than an exemplary curriculum; our students grow into aspiring young leaders by participating in outstanding international experiences, tailored pastoral and career support, and engaging lessons in state-of-the-art facilities. We are dedicated to helping our A-level pupils achieve their dreams, excel in their chosen areas of interest, and gain admission to their first-choice university.

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Why Choose Our School to Study A-Levels?

Our A-level course is unique. We deliver the traditional UK A-level curriculum, yet we are modern in our approach and course delivery. Our students receive individual attention and they benefit from small class sizes, a caring environment, regular tutorial sessions, and bespoke university and careers guidance. Within this framework, we offer a wide variety of subject choices and learners exercise autonomy knowing that they are supported and encouraged at every step of their education. Our educational approach leads our A-level graduates to their first-choice universities in Spain and overseas ,and many of our alumni attend Oxbridge and Ivy League colleges.

Benefits of A-Level Study

The A-level pathway is one of the most well-recognised and respected pre-university programmes as it prepares students for the rigours of university-level education. The King's College Soto A-level course has been a gateway for many past students who wish to secure admission to a college or university at home or abroad, and our school provides the support students need to attain excellent results.

A-level study demonstrates to employers that candidates possess the skills required for the workplace as the course not only delivers up-to-date subject knowledge, but the study skills needed to apply existing knowledge to a different context.

We are British-qualified A-level educators and aim to ensure senior students choose the subjects that evoke interest as the course material is covered in depth. The A-level curriculum is challenging and is designed to give students a solid foundation in specific academic disciplines.

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Madrid A-Level Curriculum

A-Level Curriculum

A-level students choose three or four subjects which they study for two years. The A-level curriculum is delivered as a two-year post 16 course and is designed by Cambridge International. The first year, the AS year, allows students to establish a foundation in their chosen subjects, while the second year, the A2 year, develops learners’ knowledge, overall understanding and study skills. Overall, the A-level curriculum aims to help students:

  • Attain in-depth subject content
  • Develop independent thinking
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to new and familiar situations
  • Handle and evaluate various types of information from different sources
  • Think logically and present well-structured and coherent arguments
  • Make sound judgements, recommendations and decisions based on evidence
  • Present reasoned explanations that consider the implications of decisions
  • Communicate reasoning logically and clearly
  • Work and communicate clearly in English

All A-level pupils prepare for a Spanish qualification at an appropriate level, with most completing the A-level in Spanish in Year 13. Pupils who wish to take the Further Maths A-level must also study the Maths A-level.

Madrid A-Level Subjects

Subjects Taught at A-Level

Students may choose three or four A-level subjects, which they study for two years. Pupils who study Further Maths with also take the Maths A Level.

As most of our students have previously taken Spanish language classes as part of the standard secondary curriculum, we prepare them for Spanish qualifications, which they take at the level appropriate to their ability. At the A-level stage, learners may enrol on one of two courses: Spanish for native speakers course or the Spanish for non-native speakers. Most students complete the Spanish A-level in Year 13.

Students may choose from the following A-level subjects:

Art & Design Biology
Business Studies Economics
English Literature French
Geography German
History ICT
Mathematics Media

Requirements to Study A-Levels

Pupils from the British system wishing to enter the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) are required to have a minimum of 5 passes at (I) GCSE (including Mathematics and English as a first language), with grade C (4) or above, normally including an A (7) or B (6) grade in subjects to be taken at A level. (I) GCSE grades at A*(9 & 8) or A (7) are usually required for the study of Mathematics A level subjects.

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With one of the most successful A-level courses in Madrid, we are proud to lead students towards their desired academic and personal goals as part of our school community. The A-level pathway promises in-depth subject knowledge, refined study skills, and qualifications that open the doors of opportunity in Spain and beyond. View the sections below to find out how you can benefit from A-level education.

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