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The school has a very experienced Careers and University entrance Advisory Department which offers pupils extensive help and advice when applying for Higher Education, whether in the UK or in the rest of the world..

One hundred percent (100%) of Year 13 leavers gain a place at a university of their choice. Generally universities look most favourably upon applications from schools such as ours, as they appreciate that the multi-cultural, multi-lingual nature of our students will enrich their undergraduate life. Every year, approximately one hundred pupils complete their studies at King’s College and enter the best international universities. Many of them go to the United Kingdom with many gaining places at prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and University College London (UCL) . Another group opts for Spanish institutions including both private and public universities, most of which are located in the Madrid area. Finally, a group of students goes on to study at top universities in the United States, such as Stanford, Harvard or Berkeley.

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The impact of COVID-19 on King’s College Madrid for university application purposes. 

The impact of COVID-19 on King’s College Madrid for university application purposes.

Spain underwent severe restrictions due to the impact of COVID-19 on the country as a whole in 2020. Madrid itself has suffered possibly Europe’s worst Covid crisis and faced the strictest lockdown conditions.

The impact on students’ mental and emotional health has been severe in many cases, and is currently being addressed by staff, safeguarding figures and the school’s psychologists and counsellors.

King’s College Madrid was required to close from March 10th until September 1st. Our students were then taught via remote learning techniques in online live lessons for the duration of this period, i.e. students attended lessons following the daily timetable with teachers delivering live classes online.

Since re-opening, a significant number of students have been quarantined at any given time and need to access classes via a hybrid learning model, ie, the teacher works with the majority of students physically present whereas others connect from home or “overspill” location.

We currently remain open and use a “bubble” system to keep different student groups apart. We are also following the Spanish government’s instructions in order to maintain safe distance protocols, mask use and social distancing. This also includes hygiene measures.

In October 2020, the Spanish authorities introduced new lockdowns in many areas of the Madrid region, again curtailing our students’ movements and harming their free time leisure activities. SAT opportunities were cancelled, and such services as IELTS or Peason language testing, too.

Due to COVID restrictions extracurricular activities have been cancelled. This has extended to, for instance, work “shadowing” for prospective medical, dentistry and veterinary medicine students, over and above clubs and societies.