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We are Open For Learning

King’s College has been delivering a quality British education for more than 50 years.

Part of this quality British education is ensuring that our students are prepared for the unforeseeable, for the challenges of tomorrow and for life.

It is this preparedness, through the British Way of learning, that defines our approach to teaching and learning at King’s College.

It is this agility that has ensured that we have been able to deliver a continuity of learning, despite the current COVID19 crisis.

It is this forward-thinking that has ensured that all our students have been able to continue to benefit from a quality British virtual education.

It is this readiness that has ensured that all King’s College schools have remained Open For Learning.

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Your Child’s Learning Does Not Need to Stop

Our virtual classrooms have proven to be extremely successful with both students and their families. Our online academic offer ensure a dynamic and comprehensive approach to learning that comprises of:

  • Live online lessons to ensure our students’ academic success
  • The online lessons mirror their usual school day. Classes run from Monday through Friday, with the same hours and structure 
  • Students follow a daily timetable, whilst engaging in a mix of different sessions including group discussions and daily exercise
  • A virtual curriculum offering clear expectations and ongoing dialogue
  • Provides direct, ongoing interaction with teachers and classmates to ensure high engagement, a sense of community and a structure to the new-style school day
  • Allows students to access virtual classes from the comfort of their own home
  • Continued adaptation and assessment to ensure that we continue to deliver excellence in education, no matter the environment