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Our students receive the support of the school's well-established Careers and University Entrance Advisory Department. Our Careers and University Advisors are well-experienced and offer extensive advice and help to those applying for a place at Higher Education institutions in the UK, Europe, and around the globe.

King's College Soto graduates are given the guidance they need to excel beyond school; as a result, 100% of our Year 13 leavers are accepted to the university of their choice. Generally, universities look favourably upon applications from schools such as ours as they appreciate the extent to which the multi-cultural, multilingual nature of our learning environment will enrich the lives of undergraduates.

Approximately 100 pupils complete their studies at King’s College Soto every year before attending the world's top international universities. Many gain admission to courses in the United Kingdom, and a large number are accepted into prestigious universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and University College London (UCL). Some of our graduates study at private and public universities in Spain, mainly in Madrid. We also have ex-students who attend top universities in the United States, such as Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, and other Ivy League institutions.

2023 University Destinations

Gaining a place at a leading university

University Admissions

Securing a Place at a Leading University

Despite fierce competition for entry to the world's leading universities, one in three Inspired students continues their education at a world-renowned Russell Group or Ivy League school. Throughout their senior education, Inspired students are supported by in-school University and Careers Counsellors, who have a depth of knowledge regarding local universities, qualification requirements for specific courses and the preferences of individual students.

Our Partners

Entry to the top universities is competitive, which is why Inspired's partnerships will give students an even better chance of securing entry to the leading university of their choice. Inspired is proud of its exclusive partnerships with Arete Education and The Classroom Door, renowned leaders in U.S. and U.K. admissions counselling. Inspired students Inspired may access preferential rates when purchasing tutoring or university admissions support.

KC Soto University Admissions

The Classroom Door

The Classroom Door is a comprehensive educational marketplace that provides access to world-class tutors, teachers and university advisors. TCD offers college counseling and standardised test preparation at competitive prices, and their tutors are students and graduates from the world’s best colleges and universities; therefore, they are well-equipped to offer advice on how to successfully apply to institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Colombia, Oxford, Cambridge, Dartmouth, and more.

TCD's online courses cover a range of topics related to the university application process, including how to build a college list, how to apply for financial aid, how to write a personal statement that stands out, and the extracurricular activities that can prepare applicants for their desired degree courses.

When purchasing specialised subscription services through the TCD online platform, Inspired students may access a 10% discount.*

To access this offer, please register at and apply the promo code: INSPIRED10 for 10% off our College Admissions Guide and Tutoring when purchasing.

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Students must attend an Inspired school or be an Inspired graduate.

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KC Soto Arete Educational Consulting

Arete Educational Consulting

Arete is a full-service tutoring and educational consulting company dedicated to guiding students of all ages towards their goals by providing bespoke academic support across a number of subject areas. Arete's counsellors help students gain admission to highly selective colleges worldwide, including Stanford, Duke, Georgetown, and well-established universities in the UK, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and more.

Arete's services extend to academic enrichment and test preparation for entry exams, including the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, DAT, TOEFL, all APs, and the IB. With Arete's assistance, Inspired alumni can also gain admission to top graduate schools, including Business, Law, Medical, and all Masters and Ph.D. programmes.

Arete Educational Consulting is proud to partner with Inspired to deliver world-class university guidance and admissions counselling. Arete's tutors, teachers and advisors help to ensure students have the very best start on their journey to becoming global citizens by assisting them with the necessary support to reach the academic and professional positions of their dreams.

Inspired students can receive a 10% discount on Arete's tutoring and advisory services.

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Exclusive Partnership

This page contains links to websites and services owned, operated, and provided by the third parties Arete Educational Consulting and The Classroom Door among others. These links are included for information and convenience and Inspired has no control of the content of the website nor services offered by Arete Educational Consulting and The Classroom Door and therefore accept no responsibility for the content or any services provided by them. For further information see Website Terms and Conditions.

Please note that students must be enrolled at an Inspired school. Inspired graduates are also invited to work with our counselors on transfer applications, gap year, and graduate school applications.

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