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Examination Results

2020 A Level Results

King’s College Madrid students celebrated yet another excellent set of outstanding A Level results in 2020, despite a challenging year for all schools across the globe. We are proud to have been able to always ensure continuity of learning, be it on-site or online, which has proven to be invaluable to our students whom we are delighted to see rewarded for all their hard work.

Overall, the cohort performed as follows:

  2020 2019
Overall Pass Rate     100% 99%

Papers graded A*    



Papers graded A* – A    



Papers graded A* – A    



Mr Paul McNally the school’s Secondary Career Advisor commented “In a most difficult year, we are immensely proud of all of our Year 13 leavers in 2020, who have worked very hard and with such enthusiasm – even during lockdown via their uninterrupted online lessons – in order to maintain their very high standards in learning and contributions to school life.”

“In this difficult examination season it is wonderful to see once again how well King’s College pupils have performed. The amazing results of this year are a testament to our pupil’s work effort and dedication, and the professionalism of King’s staff. It is particularly significant, that pupils have achieved these amazing results in a year so disrupted by school closures caused by Covid 19. Congratulations to our A level pupils. I wish them every success at University as they take the next step in their education. A great set of results at the end of this challenging 2020 school year.” – Matthew Taylor, Headteacher at King’s College Madrid.

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2020 IGCSE Results

“Wonderful GCSE results. Our pupils go from strength to strength and this is most impressive in this Covid 19 impacted year. Pupils at King’s have made the most of the opportunity to engage in active online lessons, every lesson, through the school closure period and these great results illustrate how much King’s pupils have progressed this year. I congratulate all of them on their success, and look forward to welcoming our new year 12 into their IB and A Level programmes in September 2020. Something to really celebrate! Congratulations to all the GCSE pupils at King’s.” – Matthew Taylor, Headteacher at King’s College Madrid.

  2020 2019

Papers graded A* (9-8)    



Papers graded A* – A (9-7)    



Papers graded A* – C (9-4)