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Extra-curricular Activities

We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities designed to stimulate, educate and physically challenge pupils.The classes are organised by well qualified, enthusiastic and experienced teachers and offer an enjoyable learning experience for all ages.This webpage introduces you to the various activities available.Some of our pupils’ favourites include swimming (in our 25-metre indoor pool), horse riding, chess, judo and music.

A wide range of optional classes take place throughout the school year both at lunchtimes and after school. Most optional classes are offered to age groups from Reception up to Year 13.

Brochure 2021-2022

Prices, course content and course availability may vary according to unforeseen circumstances.


There are many different sports teams representing the school each week in competitions across all age ranges, in sports such as football, swimming, basketball, and many others.

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In today’s world, studying a foreign language is vital, helping to improve students’ performance in other subjects as well as promoting personal growth.

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There is a vibrant and prestigious Music department at our school, with regular performances in which many pupils participate. Concert programmes include music ranging from classical to modern composers. Each term there are musicals and drama productions performed by our students, in addition to talent shows and regular fund raising activities.

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21st century social and working environments require young people to be active, flexible, creative and able to   work in teams, as well as bring innovative solutions to today’s challenges.

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Playful Learning is a program that explores science, sustainability, nature, cinema or music, amongst others, through joyful play.Fun and enjoyment are two of the cornerstones of the program that combines indoor and outdoor activities within the school grounds, as well as an optional outing offsite to explore nature during the first and last trimesters.The program is designed so that students enjoy playing after school, working in teams as a learning formula with attractive, creative and totally innovative projects.

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