An Inspired School

Mindfulness & Yoga

This activity will help build up confidence, motivation, assertiveness and emotional intelligence. We will work once a week in groups where we will discover different tools to empower our minds and how to potentiate teens minds in a healthy way.

 Attendees will discover:

Confidence and self – awareness
Emotional Intelligence
They will learn tools for goal attainment and time management
Relationship management: Building supportive and positive relationships
Stress management techniques

There will be seminars in the different topics with practical work that each participant will do. Once a month there will be a workshop for parents, so they can learn the tools taught to the students. We will teach parents how they can work with their children at home. We will talk about their fears, frustrations and apprehensions, and the social pressures they face. It will be a safe environment for students to learn more about themselves: their challenges, motivations, goals and personal aspirations.

It has been proven that emotional intelligence is directly linked to improved academic health, happiness and life-long success. Students with higher self-esteem are less likely to become victims of bullying or fall subject to peer pressure. This club is an investment in your child’s present development and in their future, teaching and equipping them with the tools to achieve their dreams.


Once a week workshop (90 min) with students.
Once a month parent workshop (90 min). Showing parents the tools taught in the weekly workshops.

Price per Term:  218€