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Welcome to Tres Cantos Nursery - King's College Soto – A home for the little ones (from 16 weeks to 5 years) where they will live and enjoy a multitude of different educational experiences that will help them in the future.

Confidence, autonomy and creativity, among others, are feelings and skills that we want to strongly inspire in our students at the Tres Cantos nursery school, while they immerse themselves in the English language and are educated with the best values ​​of British education.

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     We have bus routes available from many points in Madrid to facilitate access and, this way, everybody Will have the opportunity to be part of our school.


First big step to bilingualism with native teachers.
Immersion in the English language from early years


Values-based British education with over 50 years of experience.
Great academic results with access to the best universities in the world


First-class facilities where they will discover and develop their great sporting and artistic potential.
From the theater, the music, the horse riding arena, the soccer field, the swimming pool and… much more!


Own cooking and healthy habits.
Healthy habits with homemade food and balanced menus prepared and cooked in the school itself

Stages at Infant School in Tres Cantos  


Pre-Nursery (16 weeks to  3 years)

The school offers a Pre-Nursery Unit specifically designed for children from the age of 16 weeks to 3 years. 

  • Within this group, your child will be well cared for as he or she enjoys the experience of learning in English and becoming bilingual. 
  • Our main aim is to ensure children enjoy both school and the learning process, since our experience shows us that happy children learn more quickly. 
  • We provide a secure educational environment where children take pleasure in working with our experienced staff. 
  • In addition, children are introduced to a wide range of stimulating pre-school activities with the intention of developing all aspects of their character. 
  • One object of the Pre-Nursery Unit is to provide a bridge between home and school. Within the group, children learn to play and live with one another. Meal times are particularly important and are supervised by staff who introduce children to a range of nutritious meals while encouraging good table manners. 
  • Our aim is to contribute to children’s development in all areas. This obviously requires constant communication between parents and teachers and includes termly reports, letters and regular verbal communication. 


Nursery and Reception (Ages 3 to 5) 

The classes for three to five-year-olds provide a stimulating and creative environment where young children may experience a wide range of activities which lead into Key Stage 1 of the English National Curriculum. 

These two years are very important as they form the basis of a child’s future education. At King’s College we follow the requirements set out in the Desirable Outcomes for Children’s Learning (i.e. the 6 goals for learning for children within the Early Years setting): 

  • Consideramos que el Lenguage y la Alfabetización son aspectos
  • Language and Literacy cover important aspects of language development and provides the foundation for reading and writing. Children are helped to acquire competence in English as soon as possible. Particular emphasis is laid on speaking and listening and in pre-reading and pre-writing activities. 
  • In Mathematics children are introduced to important aspects of mathematical understanding and are provided with the foundation for numeracy. This is achieved through practical activities and by using and understanding simple mathematical language. 
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World teaches Children to acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of their environment, other people and features of the natural and man-made world. 
  • Personal and Social Development focuses on children learning how to work, play, co-operate with others and function in a group beyond the family. 
  • The Physical Development programme aims to help children develop physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills in indoor and outdoor environments. Children are actively encouraged to establish positive attitudes towards a healthy and active way of life. 
  • Creative Development focuses on stimulating children’s imagination and their ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings in a creative way. 

Nursery in Tres Cantos: How to choose the best one?

Are you looking for nurseries or infant schools in Tres Cantos and the surrounding area, but you're not sure where to start? Schooling from a very young age allows children to develop more in the years when neuroplasticity is at its peak. If you want a bright future for them, you shouldn't take your choice of nursery in Tres Cantos lightly. In this section we help you to make an informed decision taking into account important criteria.

8 tips when deciding between the many nurseries in Tres Cantos

There are many nurseries in Tres Cantos, which one is the best for your child? There are many aspects to take into account, especially in the long term. If you choose an excellent early learning centre that allows for continuity, you're laying the foundations for a good all-round education for your child.

  • Learning English - The early years are essential for children to internalise the language like a native speaker. The English learned at the nursery can open up many more job opportunities in the future.
  • Contact with nature - Beyond academic learning, having outdoor facilities and an educational system that encourages mental and physical aspects is positive for their education at all levels.
  • International mindset - Children are forming their first impressions of the world, and a nursery in Tres Cantos that allows intercultural interaction will offer more open-mindedness and future opportunities for your child.
  • Developing 21st century skills - A conventional nursery that limits itself to teaching reading and writing may seem like enough, but your child will grow up in a highly competitive, digital world. Choose a nursery in Tres Cantos that includes extracurricular classes such as robotics.
  • Academic excellence - How a child adapts to the curriculum in the first years of primary school is largely based on what the child has been learning up to the age of six. A prestigious nursery recognised for its quality will be the best guarantee for the first-class education you want for your child.
  • Human values - The education of children includes teaching values such as honesty, respect, and personal integrity, among others. This foundation should be built from the time children begin their first steps, so that they develop a personality with ethical values.
  • Learning through experience - A large part of learning doesn't take place in the classroom, but through practical activities that allow the children to develop creativity, curiosity, and empathy, as well as academic knowledge. The centre's methodology and facilities are important in this regard.

Open spaces and sports areas within educational centres can be decisive in encouraging your child's sporty and more active side. Furthermore, a nursery in Tres Cantos with a theatre and instruments can encourage your child's interest in learning music, performing arts, etc.

  • Healthy eating - If your child is going to eat there, make sure that the nursery in Tres Cantos you choose offers healthy meals. Make sure that your food preferences don't fall by the wayside at school, and that healthy food is cooked with natural ingredients.

Bilingual or English nursery in Tres Cantos. What are the benefits?

Knowing how to say words in English isn't the same as knowing how to speak English with a bilingual approach. This is achieved when the language is absorbed like a native speaker.

For an adult, it involves a lot of effort, but if it stars from zero to six years old it's as natural as breathing.

If you want your child to be bilingual in English, a great way to achieve it is for them to attend a bilingual nursery.


Steps to enrol in a nursery in Tres Cantos

If you're looking for a nursery in Tres Cantos to enrol your child in, you may be wondering what steps you need to take.

Registration includes an administrative part that involves filling in a series of forms and providing documentation. In addition, there are usually a number of open days and sessions to connect with parents and to get to know each other personally. Lastly, a deposit is usually requested.

All these steps depend on each particular nursery, so the important thing is to choose your nursery in Tres Cantos and follow the instructions of your chosen centre.


Types of nurseries in Tres Cantos

Please be aware that if you're looking for a nursery in Tres Cantos, there are some that only offer childcare during the day, that is to say, they only host children during the working day.

Nurseries with boarding options are linked to educational centres and plans that will allow children to spend time abroad in the future.


Why choose King's College nursery in Tres Cantos?

If you're looking for a nursery in the heart of Soto de Viñuelas in Madrid, King's College offers a quality standard that makes it a top quality nursery in Tres Cantos. King's offers an ideal setting for the development of well-rounded individuals at all levels.

King's College nursery in Tres Cantos includes English immersion and classes from the outset with English-speaking teachers.

At King's College, British values such as solidarity, respect, community, and environmental awareness are fostered in the children.

In addition, the British curriculum is focused on stimulating creativity, self-confidence, the desire to investigate, self-control, and other essential skills for the integral growth of children.

Another outstanding aspect of King's College is its facilities.

  • The classrooms combine indoors with the outdoors, so that the children have much more contact with nature.
  • Every detail of the finishes, furniture, and infrastructure is carefully considered to ensure the safety of the little ones at all times.
  • The school has optimal facilities for children to discover their passion for sports (swimming pool, horse riding, tennis, etc.) and also for art (it has its own theatre).

In addition, the King's College Soto nursery in Tres Cantos promotes healthy habits. The cooking is homemade, and the dishes are cooked in the centre itself, something that's very important for the children's growth and that very few centres can offer.


What will my children learn at King's College Tres Cantos nursery?

What the children learn at the nursery includes a whole range of knowledge and skills that are part of the curriculum, such as reading and writing, for example.

In addition, transversal attitudes and skills are also promoted, such as the ability to learn independently, to overcome setbacks, curiosity, etc.

King's Soto nursery takes into account at all times that education is holistic, and, therefore, works on growth at all levels, for the complete development of students from their first steps.

Considered one of the best schools in Spain by El Mundo, Forbes magazine, and other prestigious media outlets, choosing a King's College nursery means building the educational foundations for children with the highest quality standards.

This nursery provides early access to an excellent education, covering the early years and offering continuity until the Baccalaureate. As the only school in Madrid to offer the International Baccalaureate and A Levels in English, it's an excellent choice.

Choose the right nursery to cover much more than just childcare and basic learning. That's why we recommend King's College nursery in Tres Cantos, because it's the perfect starting point for children to have all the resources they need to unleash their talents and boost their motivation for constant improvement throughout their school years and adult life.

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