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Dynamic Campus to Refine Skills, Develop Talents & Encourage Excellence

Our campus in Madrid inspires children to achieve greatness. Located in the rural suburb of Tres Cantos, our state-of-the-art facilities span a single expansive 12-acre site, giving students the opportunity to develop their skills to an advanced level throughout their education. King's College Soto offers numerous amenities unique to school campuses in Tres Cantos. Some of our remarkable facilities include modern, spacious classrooms and science labs to prepare students as future leaders in STEM, a horse riding pasture and stables, an indoor swimming pool, a multi-sports field, and a cutting-edge sports centre for elite sports practice. Additionally, our 400-seat auditorium, spacious gymnasium, and versatile music and dance studios allow students to discover their creative potential through premium tuition delivered by specialist teachers.

At our campus, we empower students in their learning and lead them to success. We are committed to excellence and innovation, and as part of this commitment, our students access first-class technology and a wide range of resources from Early Years to Sixth Form. All students enjoy the benefits of our impressive learning resource centre, which offers ample space for individual and group work. We also aim to support our students' well-being with fresh, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals that are prepared on-site and served in our vibrant school canteen.

Our campus facilities seek to meet the needs of children at every developmental stage. Not only does the campus complement activities delivered as part of the core curriculum, but it also offers the perfect setting for the school's comprehensive Extra-curricular Programme. While attending our welcoming, supportive and creative school, students expand upon their gifts and strengthen their core competencies to build a foundation for long-lasting achievement in their professions of choice.

Inspiring Future Leaders with Extensive State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our campus in Soto de Viñuelas is well-equipped to meet the needs of a dynamic and successful learning community, and we aim to offer an innovative and relevant education to each student who attends our school. Lessons incorporate cutting-edge technological resources alongside traditional classroom materials to prepare our pupils for success in an increasingly advanced world. Digital learning is further facilitated through an array of IT tools, including interactive online platforms and educational apps on our iPads and Chromebooks. As an innovative school in a tranquil locale, our students benefit from a spacious, stimulating, modern, yet nature-centred environment that inspires them to explore their unlimited potential.

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academic facilities and learning resources

Academic Facilities & Learning Resources

Our Tres Cantos campus has a modern, spacious library and ten fully-equipped science labs managed by two full-time science technicians who support the school's STEM programme. We aim to encourage student involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and celebrate STEM Week every December.

At our campus in Madrid, we host unforgettable summer camps for children who attend from all over the world. As part of our campus' summer programme, students can develop their skills with world-class coaching from sports experts at Real Madrid Football Club. Depending on their sporting preferences, we also offer them the option of gaining professional tuition in tennis or swimming.

Located in Madrid's stunning countryside, our school enables us to take full advantage of our rural setting and integrate outdoor experiential learning into the school curriculum. Students gain an appreciation of the natural world and their place within in while utilising external classrooms, the school allotment, and a well-frequented Peace Garden.

From Year 2 to Year 9, all students participate in an exciting annual residential trip that prepares them well for the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Soto to San Pedro Ambassador Award, and the King's College Soto Mountaineering Team, which they may join from Year 10 onwards.

sports and arts facilities

Sports & Arts Facilities

The campus' arts and sports facilities are extensive and include a 400-seat Auditorium for weekly school assemblies, music concerts and productions, a modern, state-of-the-art sports hall and fitness centre, a full-size outdoor Astro/football pitch, dance/ballet studio, and an indoor swimming pool that is used all year-round for PE and extra-curricular lessons. At our campus in Madrid, children may also access a horse riding arena and stables during equestrian-related classes and events.

FC Soto Facilities for each learning stage

Facilities Designed for Each Learning Stage

Young learners require the freedom and space to fully explore the world around them and develop their academic, emotional, social, and motor skills. Our comfortable, stimulating, and inspiring campus in Tres Cantos presents a world of adventure for children up to 16 months of age. Babies and toddlers are invited into a modern Early Learning Centre equipped with a range of resources, materials and books to inspire their growing minds.

As they move into KS1, our growing students continue to benefit from our bespoke approach with access to a dedicated playground complete with games, toys, and equipment that offer exciting opportunities for fun and learning. Senior students enjoy exclusive use of the Sixth Form Study Centre and common rooms. These areas are central to our pupils' learning experience as they offer a range of resources that strengthen research and study skills during independent and collaborative projects.

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