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50 Years of Transformational Experiences

King's College Soto is a reputed private institution proud to serve the Madrid and Tres Cantos communities. Our native English teachers deliver the broad-ranging England and Wales national curriculum up to the IGCSE stage and continue teaching a wide range of subjects in our two Sixth Form courses. Our school in Madrid offers A-levels and the IB Diploma in English and we do so with impressive results, giving our students excellent prospects at top universities worldwide.

As part of the school's mission to ensure students thrive in all areas of their education, we offer personalised learning support and a multidisciplinary programme of academic, sports, and cultural activities to prepare young individuals for excellent prospects in their chosen careers. Many of our alumni secure full scholarships and admission to leading institutions, including those in the Ivy League and Russell Group, before progressing to prominent positions in the entertainment industry, music, architecture, sports and fashion.

To prepare our learning community for a fast-changing world, we provide an integrated, holistic environment that encourages the transfer of skills across multiple subjects. In daily learning, cross-curriculum referencing expands understanding and ensures education is relevant and memorable while adequately training pupils for future study. Our 50+ years of experience indicate that long-lasting knowledge is most effective when acquired through an enjoyable discovery process.

Our school's dedicated teaching staff ensure students reach their learning objectives by bringing the syllabus to life. They organise regular excursions to places of environmental, historical, and cultural significance, design exciting practical STEM lessons, and invite guest speakers to assemblies and leadership events to motivate pupils. They also employ experiential techniques, such as outdoor learning, role-play, and drama, to demonstrate and embed key concepts.

Message From Our Head

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The best way to tell whether you like a school is to come along and see it for yourself. King’s College Soto, The British School of Madrid, offers a high-quality academic education and prepares your children for life beyond school.

We help young people to develop the ambition to compete with their peers from Europe, Asia and America and every year our highly capable graduates go on to a wide variety of elite universities in the UK, Spain, Europe, Asia, and the USA.

They carry with them impressive personal qualities which ensure that they are in pole position in an increasingly competitive global job market. I am proud of the fact that all of our pupils have the confidence to look adults in the eye and engage in a mature conversation, whether they are speaking English or Spanish.

Visitors to King’s College Soto often comment on our welcoming atmosphere, the friendliness of our school and the positive relationships between pupils and staff. Learning to cooperate, be part of a team and to respect other people and yourself are central to our mission.

King’s College Soto offers the academic rigour along with the values and traditions of a top independent school in the UK. We are a thoroughly modern, affordable, unpretentious organisation looking to the future and not interested in congratulating ourselves on past glories.

It would be a pleasure to welcome you to King’s College Soto, The British School of Madrid, on an ordinary working day. Preparing young people for life is what we do best. I hope we have the opportunity to do the same for your child.

Matthew Taylor - Headmaster

KC soto about us

A Path Towards Success

Our Mission & Vision

At our school, our mission is to deliver world-leading, modern UK education underpinned by traditional values to help children achieve academic excellence and personal fulfilment.

Our vision is to enable the full potential of our students by fostering a secure and supportive school environment in which they can explore multiple opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Cutting-Edge Facilities in a Student-Oriented Setting

King's College Soto is situated in the rural Soto de Viñuelas neighbourhood in Tres Cantos, north of Madrid. It offers bespoke facilities built specifically for children aged between 16 weeks and 18 years (from Baby Education & Daycare to Years 12 & 13 in our Sixth Form) and has capacity for more than 1600 students.

The school's attractive 12 acre site is in the heart of the Spanish countryside between the capital city and the Sierra Guadarrama mountains. Conveniently, the campus is well connected to the city centre by both bus and rail.

King's College Soto History


Founded in 1969 by Sir Roger Fry.


Student numbers rise to almost 500 and multiple premises are used in the Chamartin area of Madrid.


After occupying temporary premises for some nine years, the main school moves in 1978 to its present, purpose-built site in the residential area of Soto de Viñuelas in the north of Madrid.


A brand new purpose-built boarding residence, Tenbury House, is built and accommodates up to 70 boarders.


A dedicated sports centre and a 15-lab science block is built.


King's College Soto celebrates its 50th anniversary since opening in 1969.


King's College Soto joins Inspired, a leading global group of premium schools.

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Choice of International Curriculums

Our British curriculums are accredited by the BSO and Penta and are designed to meet the needs of our pupils at every stage of their development. We offer the UK National Curriculum, IGCSEs, A Levels, and the IB Diploma. Each course promotes inquiry-based education, from our Baby Unit to Sixth Form, and delivers a hands-on, applied learning methodology.

Modern Secondary School Education

Our modern Secondary School education is broad-based and inclusive of additional language tuition, PE, drama, public speaking and art, preparing children in Years 7 to 11 with wide-ranging subject knowledge. Year 9 study follows a framework similar to the UK National Curriculum, while Years 10 and 11 are taught the accredited IGCSE programme.

The Sixth Form division (Years 12 and 13) is inclusive and accepts new students. 16-year-olds may tailor their course subjects to meet their needs and choose between two bespoke curriculum pathways, each lasting 2 years. We offer both the A-level course and the IB Diploma course.

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