A Lifetime of Success

King’s College Soto de Vinuelas’ reputation is built upon the success of our pupils. A key component of this academic success is our history of amazing exam results. The IBDP cohort of 2023 have gone above and beyond in their accomplishments, with a set of results that reassert our school’s commitment to academic excellence.

We challenge and support pupils, so that they are able to achieve their very best academically and personally. We have the expertise to get them through the exams and the experience to guide them towards the ideal university for their future

Our pupils leave school upon completing their studies in Year 13 to go on to join the world’s best universities, including the UK’s Russell Group, Oxford and Cambridge and America’s Ivy League, as well as many other top institutions across the globe.




At King’s College we are delighted with this year’s IB results. For me as Headmaster, it is  wonderful to see 18% of pupils scored over the elite standard of 38 points plus in the diploma. In the first year of results post COVID with exams going back to normal we were most pleased to see pupils at King’s College averaging 34 points, whilst ten percent of pupils scored over 40 points. The IB is a  demanding curriculum, that requires pupils to study across a range of subjects in the Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences. For me it is a real pleasure to see our King’s College pupils doing so well in their IB Diploma. I congratulate them and wish them every success as they proceed to the next stage of their studies at University.


2023 International Baccalaureate Exam Results

Congratulations to the IB class of 2023 on their excellent results!


Average Points Score


Highest Score


Awarded Bilingual Diplomas 


Pass Rate

2023 A Level Exam Results 

Congratulations to the A Level Class of 2023 on their excellent results!


Students achieved A*


Students achieved A*-A


Students achieved A*-B

2023 IGCSE Exam Results

Congratulations to the IGCSE Class of 2023 on their excellent results!


Students achieved 9-8


Students achieved 9-7


Students achieved 9-6


Pass Rate

2023 IGCSE Subject Highlights

Congratulations to the IGCSE Class of 2023 on their excellent results!


Students achieved 9-7 in Spanish


Students achieved 9-7 in Biology


Students achieved 9-7 in French