A British Education

Our school's objectives extend beyond exceptional English and Spanish language tuition. In addition to ensuring that your child is bilingual, we aim to offer high-quality British education that develops open-minded, creative, and dynamic individuals. As a student at King's College Soto, your child will learn through first-hand practical experience inside and outside the classroom, not just from textbooks or computers. Children are expected to work hard each day and receive the encouragement they need to become innovate young leaders who think creatively, embrace responsibility, and take ownership of their learning.

KC Soto British Educational Model 1
KC Soto British Educational Model 2
KC Soto values and community

Our Core Values - School, Family, and Community

As a basic principle, the school actively encourages communication between teachers and parents, and we endeavour to involve parents in their child's education. Our strong relationships with families are essential as they allow us to nurture and care for each child and ensure they have the support they need to fulfil their potential.

After achieving excellent results, most KC Soto students attend university, and the majority gain acceptance to top institutions in the UK, the US, the Netherlands, and Spain. Our students consistently attain academic success and demonstrate resilience, which helps them establish promising careers. Moreover, our young graduates are empowered to thrive as well-rounded global citizens and entrepreneurial leaders.

At King's College Soto, our core values are central to our educational approach. They are integrated into every aspect of the experiential learning programme that we deliver, and students benefit from a values-based education from the day they join us. We support children as they grow into happy, successful, empathetic young adults who give back to others. Our students flourish as lifelong learners who are connected to their local community, contribute positively to their living and working environment, and possess the qualities needed to be good parents, partners and friends.

Our Core Values

Initiative: Taking it upon yourself to lead or begin a new project or activity

Dedication: Commitment and perseverance over time that leads to progress

Tolerance: Empathising with people whose opinions and practices may be different from your own

Open-Mindedness: A willingness to engage with new ideas without prejudice or assumption

Honesty: Being fair and truthful, especially in challenging situations

Kindness: Going out of you way to help others without expecting anything in return

Integrity: Living your life by morals and principles regardless of the challenges and the situation

Independence: Demonstrating the ability to employ self-motivation and work well without the direction of others

The British Way

by King's College, The British School of Madrid

We have filmed at our schools a series of very interesting videos about some of the main subjects offered at King’s College, The British School of Madrid using the British educational system. Our objectives are not simply to ensure that your child is bilingual in English and Spanish. Our educational model is characterised by a rigorous and broad curriculum, an interdisciplinary approach and a strong emphasis on practical learning, exploration and active student participation.

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