An Inspired School

Performing Arts


Show Talent for kids is an innovative extracurricular activity that combines different artistic disciplines for the development of talent: singing, dancing, choreography, scenery, theatre, music and much more. Each student will be able to develop their potential and creativity as well as their individual and group skills in the most enjoyable way. This activity also has a mobile application where each student and the family will be able to follow their
progress and artistic development throughout the year. 

After school classes from 4.35pm to 6.35pm
Year 3 to Year 9



Mindfulnesses is a relaxation technique that helps manage situations of stress, anxiety, conflict, and social relationships. The goal oMinf this extracurricular activity is for students to learn to internalize techniques for relaxation, meditation, concentration, and stress management.

Main objective:
To develop cognitive, intellectual and communicative skills whilst building confidence.

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Second break
From Year 3 to Year 13