British Primary Years Education in Tres Cantos

At our Primary School in Tres Cantos, Soto de Viñuelas, our British-qualified, English-speaking teachers inspire 6 to 11-year-olds so that they enjoy school and develop the knowledge, understanding and values they need to reach their full academic and social potential. At all stages in the Primary School, children are given the support they need to gain a love of learning and they are encouraged to participate in school life by filling student leadership positions. Our high-quality UK Primary Years education also helps children apply their emerging skills across engaging subjects delivered through a cross-curricular approach.

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Why Choose Our British Primary School in Tres Cantos, Soto de Viñuelas?

At our Primary School in Tres Cantos, students learn under the guidance of highly qualified native English-speaking teachers, many of whom have been trained in the UK. Children are given excellent English tuition to encourage fluency following an immersive approach. Our Primary School also provides exceptional Spanish, French and German tuition as part of the core curriculum to help students become multilingual.

At the Primary School Stage, children encounter broad-ranging, stimulating activities designed to build their confidence, harness their natural curiosity, and ensure future achievement in secondary school and beyond. As a result of our child-focused teaching methods, our young students attain high levels of knowledge while developing independence and group study skills. The primary years' curriculum is further enhanced with an extensive extracurricular activities programme that unleashes the talents of each child through additional academic pursuits, as well as music, drama, art and sports sessions.

Many of our Primary School students show great promise in the above areas, and they are encouraged to participate in competitions and tournaments to prepare them for success at an advanced level. Where possible, children are taken on out-of-school excursions to reinforce classroom teaching. As part of the school's commitment to outdoor learning, young children explore the natural world in our peace garden and nature-themed classrooms. We are an Inspired school and invite children to take part in exciting overseas summer camps and student exchanges with over 100 other schools, allowing them to broaden their horizons and expand their intercultural understanding.


Learn English at Tres Cantos Primary School

Primary School Curriculum

The work of each year group (Year 1 to Year 6) is structured and delivered according to the guidelines outlined by the British National Curriculum, which is, by nature, a broad and balanced course of study. Subject areas include English (Speaking and Listening, Writing and Reading), Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education, Drama, Physical, Social, Health and Economic Education and Computing.

Tres Cantos British Primary School
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Languages in our Primary School

Given the focus on internationalism at our Primary School in Tres Cantos, we provide an excellent opportunity for bilingual study with English language immersion, to ensure fluency, and Spanish, French and German tuition. In the Primary division, Language and Literacy classes are delivered in a rich and stimulating environment where children enjoy interesting topics and communicating in English.

Our young students are offered many valuable experiences to enhance language fluency, attain reading accuracy, increase their understanding of texts, and gain pleasure from exploring a variety of books. As an integral part of the course, the Language and Literacy syllabus also helps children refine their handwriting skills.

The Spanish Curriculum is taught from Year 1, as stipulated by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Lessons are delivered in a practical approach similar to the English National curriculum, which encourages children to be creative while having fun and learning effectively through first-hand experience instead of traditional methods. In Key Stage 2, pupils learn French, and they can learn German and Chinese by participating in our extracurricular programme.

Teachers at Primary School in Tres Cantos

Primary School Teachers

The majority of our Primary School teachers are British-qualified, English speakers, who have gained their teaching qualifications from well-established UK institutions. Their experience and passion for teaching place them in an excellent position to help students attain fluency in English. As pupils progress through the Primary Years, teachers encourage them to exercise increased autonomy in their learning by assisting them as they apply their knowledge to new scenarios.

From Year 1 to Year 3, students are supported by a class teacher and a teaching assistant, and across all years, lessons are delivered in small class groups. Our teachers seek to balance independent study and teacher-led tasks with interactive, engaging activities, and they encourage children to seek guidance when needed. As a result of the attentive approach fostered by our inspiring teaching staff, our young learners gain the confidence to flourish inside and outside the classroom.

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Tres Cantos Primary School theatre
Primary School campus in Tres Cantos

Primary School Facilities

In the Primary Years, we aim to inspire young students in their daily lessons by helping them build a love of learning. Those at the Primary stage are introduced to a number of academic, arts and sports facilities, including an impressive library, versatile classrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a multisports gym, football pitches, sports fields, music studios and IT rooms. Children also enjoy assemblies and take part in music and drama performances in our 400-seat auditorium.

Due to our beautiful rural location, we are in an excellent position to introduce children to nature. Some lessons are held in our integrated outdoor classrooms to encourage an awareness of the external world. Primary students also benefit from a well-sized outdoor learning area and playground, which is accessible from each classroom.

As an innovative school, digital learning is an important aspect of our educational approach. From Years 1 to 6, children enjoy a practical, relevant education that prepares them for success in later years, and to further enhance daily teaching, teachers may distribute iPads and Chromebooks, which are programmed with fun learning apps and interactive online platforms.

We aim to provide a dynamic environment for every child in our primary years community. Our young pupils are encouraged to embrace a love of reading and strengthen their research and study abilities in the spacious, modern library area.

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Extracurricular Activities in our Primary School

In our Primary School, pupils are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports teams during lunchtimes. Additionally, we offer after-school activities, day trips, and annual residential trips to enrich the Primary Years' learning experience and motivate children to develop an early interest in sports and the creative and performing arts. Offering adventure and the chance to explore personal interests, the Primary School Extracurricular Activities Programme aims to prepare our pupils for student leadership opportunities and expands their social skills and confidence.

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The Arts

Our Primary School Creative & Performing Arts Programme offers a range of immersive and fun activities that give students the opportunity to perform in annual and termly productions. To demonstrate their skills and share their achievements, regular concerts and class assemblies feature performances in our impressive auditorium.

Primary School pupils may join a number of Clubs, including our school choir, Dance Club or the Debate Club. Students who wish to participate in the Primary School Music Programme and develop their musical talents may receive voice and instrumental lessons on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Primary Years students are encouraged to take part in public recitals each year as part of broader cultural events. In collaboration with other Primary Schools in Soto de Viñuelas, Madrid and schools in the Inspired group, music, dance, and debate events are organised on campus and off-site to expand our students' network and strengthen ties between our students and others in our national and international learning community.

Students may participate in:

  • Choir
  • Instrumental lessons
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Debate & Public Speaking

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Primary School Sports programmes


Our Primary School pupils maintain contact with other private schools around Madrid and within the Inspired Group through a full fixture of inter-school tournaments and matches in major sports. At the Primary-level, sporting events are arranged according to age, and our young community members may access a regular schedule of sports team training.

We provide specialist-led sports coaching in:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Table tennis
  • Judo
  • Ballet

Additional Services at our Primary School

School Dining Hall:

Primary students require a healthy diet to support their rapid physical and mental development. The Dining Hall Management Team is a well-established partner of our international school community, providing delicious daily food options for every diet. Please inform your child's class teacher of any intolerances and allergies.

Bus Service:

A professional school bus service is available for Primary-level students throughout the school year. Bus routes serve neighbourhoods close to our school, in Madrid centre and in many towns within the Madrid Community. The safety and well-being of our students remain our highest priority, and our drivers and bus monitors are thoroughly trained in safeguarding procedures.

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