King's College, The British School of Madrid offers 2 options for dance classes.



Dancing is a great way to improve fitness, appreciate the fluidity and movement of the body, improve physical fitness, agility and, of course, have fun interpreting the music. From its Renaissance beginnings in Italy, ballet has developed into one of the classical dance styles of our time. Pupils learn the posture and techniques that give ballet both its agility and grace.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Year 1 Second break
Year 2 – Year 6 Second break
Year 7 – Year 13 Second break



Modern Dance Batuka

Modern dance / Batuka class is a fun way to exercise by combining aerobic exercise with dance, doing fun choreographies with today’s music. This activity develops aspects such as muscle strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.

Mondays and Fridays

Year 1 – Year 6 Second break
Year 7 – Year 13 Second break