The Physical Education & Sports Department

Alongside the core PE curriculum, the Physical Education & Sports department at King's College also looks to provide as many extracurricular opportunities as possible for our students.

As a school we are proud of our extensive lunchtime and after school extracurricular sports programme, which includes the following activities: badminton, basketball, cross country, gymnastics, football, hockey, multi-sports, rugby table tennis, volleyball. Most of these sports teams compete in local leagues at the weekend throughout the academic year, regularly achieving high levels of success.

Students have the opportunity to sign up for these activities at the beginning of each academic year (September), when a form is sent to parents by our Director of Sport & Head of PE, Mr. Jordan Nwachukwu. However, for more information on teams and training timetables for the coming 2022 - 2023 academic year, please contact Mr. Nwachukwu

Jordan Nwachukwu

The school also offers:


Horse Riding

Children love horses. The pleasure they get from this activity is visible in their smiles and the affection and respect they show to the horses they ride. As well as developing co-ordination, control and balance it exercises the body and stimulates the mind.

Our instructors teach at all levels, helping pupils gain confidence in controlling, handling and riding their horses. Our school at Soto de Viñuelas has stables where a number of ponies and horses are kept.

Pupils must wear riding boots, a vest and a riding hat which meet EU safety standards.

During the second half of September we will be offering free trial lessons to all those pupils who would like to try out the riding classes. Should you be interested in these classes or would like more information please contact Cristina.

Tuesday and Friday
Twice a week, during the second break
Year 3 – Year 13

After school time from 4.35pm to 5.35pm – 1h once a week.
Year 3 – Year 13

The Horse Riding instructor will decide on the days during the first few weeks of term before the start date.



Fencing is a sport requiring skill that contributes to the physical and cognitive development of pupils and provides them with fundamental values that complement their personality.
The practice of this sport helps pupils to control their emotions and impulses, to improve their capacity for reasoning, problem solving and to enhance skills such as concentration, speed and endurance.
In addition, students will learn the rules and regulations of this sport, how to handle fencing swords with dexterity and movement tactics.
Main objectives: Development of psychomotor skills, personality, intellect, respect for opponents, reaction capacity and control of emotions.


Tuesdays & Thursdays – After school
from 4.40pm to 5.40pm
Year 3 – Year 9

Sports- Rhythmic-Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Physical exercise in children is a basic requirement to ensure their correct development and growth and Rhythmic Gymnastics helps to build physical skills and student motivation through a combination of  music, dance, artistic expression, movement, agility exercises, motor skills and coordination activities, all of which are key elements of this particular activity.


  • To develop motor skills that allow the students to build confidence through movement.  
  • To stimulate mental capacity of  students through observation, comparison, and action, developing both mental agility and memory.
  • To explore and evaluate movement as a way of expressing oneself, communicating and having fun.  
  • To understand the different parts of the body, learning to stretch correctly and working to build strength.
  • To develop the physical qualities of this specialist activity: flexibility, muscle tone, coordination, balance.
  • To increase joint mobility
  • To adopt the correct posture (focusing on feet, pelvis, back and shoulders)
  • To develop skills using apparatus: rings, balls, ropes, maces and ribbons.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Second break

Year 1 a Year 9


Pre Sports

In this extracurricular activity we will work on different sports from an early age, creating an interest in physical activity in the pupils and guiding them towards the different types of sports that exist.
Pupils will develop their motor skills, social relations, cohesion and group work.
Main objectives: Cognitive development. Development of motor skills, coordination, balance, cooperation and teamwork.

Monday to Thursday
After School from 4:35pm to 5:35pm -1h once a week.
From Nursery to Year 2



Judo is a great way to not only improve fitness, flexibility and strength but also to teach mental skills, strategic thinking, self control and respect. It’s a fast-paced contact sport which is very exciting to both watch and participate in.

From its early foundations with Samurai warriors in the twelfth century it has become an international and Olympic sport with thousands of sportsmen and women of all ages enjoying its popularity.

All our Judo classes are taught by energetic, enthusiastic and fully qualified teachers with competition level experience. They ensure all pupils have a great time learning this disciplined art.

Mondays and Wednesdays

Year 1 to  Year 2 Second break
Year 3 – Year 6 Second break
Year 7 – Year 13 Second break




From timidly floating in the pool to having them splashing around in the deep end and diving to the bottom is a short and fun-filled journey that gives children confidence in the water. Learning to swim means children can enjoy being in and around water safely.

Some pupils take to it quickly, others need more time but with small groups and patient, experienced teachers, everyone enjoys their time in the water learning at the pace best suited to them.

There are 2 options available, either twice weekly sessions (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) or a single weekly session (Monday to Friday).

Classes take place in our heated indoor pool at Soto de Viñuelas and are available for all pupils from Nursery age onwards. It is obligatory that Infant children are accompanied by a parent or an authorised person in the changing rooms before and after each class.

Check available schedules between 4.45pm. and 6.15pm with:
José Espinosa


Monday to Friday
Nursery to Year 13