A guide to choosing the best school in Tres Cantos 

Is it time to start school, make the leap to secondary school, or change school? It's completely normal to have doubts and get confused when it comes to choosing a school, so it's essential to get information and weigh up all the possible options. 

Are you looking for a school in Tres Cantos, but you don't know where to start? Here you'll find a practical guide with all the aspects you should take into account before making your choice. 


Why choose a school in Tres Cantos? 


In addition to its prime location in the Guadarrama Mountains, the municipality of Tres Cantos has wide avenues and a wealth of green areas and parks alongside its excellent location to offer exceptional natural surroundings

It's not surprising, therefore, that Tres Cantos has become one of the favourite places for families looking to settle in a natural, peaceful, and safe environment far from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

It's a modern, trendy town with a high quality of life and a young population attracted both by the large companies established in Tres Cantos and by the easy access to the city of Madrid.

Tres Cantos is among the youngest municipalities in Spain and ranks among the ten with the highest per capita income in the country. As such, the town also has a broad and complete educational offer to meet the needs of the families who settle here.

Private, public, concertado (privately run school funded by the State), secular, and Catholic schools in Tres Cantos.

The main differences

There are around a dozen public schools in Tres Cantos, which tend to be preferred for financial reasons. These schools are secular and are both funded and managed by the central government, with the participation of local authorities. This means that the number of students in each class is usually higher than in other types of schools, which means that individual support or the adaptation of the curriculum to the needs of each student can't always be guaranteed.  

The Spanish educational model in public schools approaches learning based on memorisation and assessment, with a clear focus (especially in the Baccalaureate years) on preparing for Spanish university entrance exams. As a result, theory is often prioritised over practice and the development of extra-curricular skills is neglected. Nevertheless, the quality of teaching in public schools can differ greatly from one school to another. 


Concertado schools in Tres Cantos, on the other hand, are a kind of hybrid model between public and private schools in terms of funding. Being only partially subsidised by the central government, they have greater freedom of management than public schools and tend to be Catholic, with a strong religious ideology. However, as is the case with public schools, this may vary from school to school.

Within the private schools in Tres Cantos and the surrounding area, there's a wide variety in terms of prices, educational models, and linguistic offerings. The cost of a private school is generally much higher than that of a public or concertado school as they don't receive government aid. Their funding comes from parents, companies, and other institutions, which allows them to invest in innovation and the continuous improvement of their academic quality. Although each private school has its own unique way of functioning and educational model, one of the main differences between private schools and other schools is the number of students per class (significantly less) and the extra-curricular activities on offer. Most private schools offer a variety of sports and activities in addition to compulsory subjects, allowing students to broaden their knowledge and develop other skills outside the classroom.

A private school in Tres Cantos, is it worth the investment? 

As we mentioned above, the cost of a private school is usually higher than other types of schools, so it's important to know what the return on this investment will be.

Each private school has different requirements, educational models, and academic curricula. However, private schools tend to have some things in common:

  • Given their private funding, private schools in Tres Cantos tend to have vast technological resources and often lead the rankings in educational innovation.
  • Class sizes are small, allowing each student to receive personalised education tailored to their needs, leading to significant improvements in academic performance.
  • Many private schools must adhere to much stricter educational standards than national standards, which are imposed by independent educational institutions. Teachers, for example, are generally recruited after a rigorous selection process and must undergo highly specialised continuous training in the methodology offered by the school.
  • These schools offer comprehensive education that focuses not only on academics, but also on sports and artistic subjects through various extra-curricular activities. To this end, most private schools have high-quality facilities in the most exclusive locations.
  • Private schools tend to have a strong focus on languages, often offering bilingual or multilingual education.

Choosing educational excellence for your children is to ensure a secure and successful future, so investing in the best education will always bring a lifelong return.

Are there English or bilingual schools in Tres Cantos? 

The wide educational offering in Tres Cantos also includes the option of studying in English or bilingual schools. But how can you choose the best option to guarantee that a student will become bilingual? 

For some years now, there has been a growing number of public schools commonly known as “bilingual”, and this label should be understood in the strict sense of the word: these schools usually teach 50% of their subjects in English, and the other 50% in Spanish. Although this has been shown to greatly aid language acquisition, it doesn't necessarily mean that students finish their studies with a good command of both languages. 

To ensure that students become bilingual, it's important for them to be exposed to both languages in equal measure. Therefore, if a student uses Spanish at home, with family and friends, this should ideally be balanced by a greater number of hours of exposure to English at school.   

British and American schools tend to be more effective in this regard as, logically, most subjects are taught in English. In addition, these types of schools attract students from all over the world, so they not only have to use English in the classroom, but also to communicate with the friends they make in class. English, therefore, ceases to be a mere academic tool and becomes a genuine communicative tool, encouraging its natural acquisition. 


Another significant difference between bilingual schools and British or American schools is the level of English among the teaching staff. While in the former, teachers aren't usually native speakers of English, in the latter it's almost always a requirement for them to be hired.

At King's College, The British School of Madrid, located in Soto de Viñuelas, the aim is forstudents to be fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Through the rigorous and reputable British education system, students not only learn to master both languages, but also develop a wide range of academic, personal, social, and professional skills. Throughout their years of study, King's College students learn through real-life experiences, putting into practice what they learn and working on their creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and autonomy. As a result, these students are ideal candidates for leading universities in the UK and around the world.

Studying the IB programme in Tres Cantos 

For any student, studying the prestigious International Baccalaureate gives them an unparalleled advantage when it comes to their future academic, professional, and personal life. Students who receive the IB Diploma are welcome and have a greater chance of gaining access to any prestigious university in the world, such as those in the Ivy League or the Russell Group.

Beyond academic training, the IB programme trains future professionals with a multicultural and multilingual approach, with the leadership, teamwork, and lateral thinking skills that are in high demand in an increasingly globalised world of work.

The IB is made up of four different programmes for students between the ages of three and 19, who can join at different stages of the programme (Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP), Professional Orientation Programme (POP)), depending on certain requirements established by the school itself and by the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

In Tres Cantos, there are various institutions where students can study the International Baccalaureate. IB World Schools have to undergo a rigorous authorisation process to ensure that they meet the high standards set by the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

However, this doesn't mean that all schools operate in the same way. If you're considering choosing an IB school in Tres Cantos, we recommend that you find out more about the following aspects:

Colegio en Tres Cantos
  • Accreditation.

Only with official accreditation from the IBO can you be sure that the school offers the academic excellence required by the organisation. In addition, each IB school must be authorised to teach each of the programmes it offers, with some schools only being accredited for some of the programmes.

  • Facilities and resources.

It's important that the IB school you choose is well prepared to offer an international education: quality assessment policies and processes, strong curriculum planning, diverse options for students with particular needs and interests, and well-equipped facilities to allow students to develop to their full potential.

  • World rankings.

It may be useful to check how the IB school of your choice ranks in relation to the world average. This is based on the scores students achieve in the various assessments they have to take throughout their studies.

Why choose King's College in Tres Cantos? 

Established in Soto de Viñuelas (Tres Cantos) in 1974, King's College is a truly iconic school in the town. Over almost 50 years, King's College has been reformed and expanded to adapt and meet the needs of both local families and families from around the world.

King's College, The British School of Madrid, is located in a quiet and leafy natural setting that covers almost 30 acres, with easy access to the city of Madrid and the surrounding green area. With top-of-the-range facilities including a modern and comfortable student residence, music school, and equestrian centre, the college can accommodate up to 1,600 students from all over the world.

Colegio en Tres Cantos

The King's College centre in Tres Cantos has an unrivalled educational offer, being the most comprehensive and innovative in the town. So much so that King's College is the only school in Tres Cantos present in El Mundo's renowned ranking of the best schools in Spain, among other prestigious international institutions and publications.

King's College Soto de Viñuelas offers high quality education through the British education system. Students enjoy full linguistic immersion, bringing their level of English into line with their mother tongue and adding to this other essential skills for their academic, professional, and personal development.

At King's College, the values of the British system are upheld and promoted alongside continuous innovation and progress to provide students with a modern, well-rounded education that fully prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century. As a result, these students enjoy easy access to any reputable university in the world and go on to develop essential skills and attitudes such as critical thinking, adaptability, hard work, and solidarity.

In addition to the British curriculum, at King's College it's also possible to undertake the International Baccalaureate programme, either as individual subjects or through the full programme. By choosing this challenging and enriching curriculum, students at King's College have the best educational options to steer their future in the direction they want to go.

King's College (Tres Cantos) is the ideal choice for those looking for personalised education, with a practical and rigorous curriculum and an international outlook in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Contact us so that we can resolve all the doubts and questions that may arise about King's College and, in this way, help you choose the best option for your child.