Sixth Form Education in Madrid

At our Sixth Form in Madrid, Tres Cantos, 16 to 18-year-olds are supported in every aspect of their learning so that they become independent, well-rounded leaders with broad-ranging skill sets. We offer A-levels and the IB Diploma Programme, two internationally respected curriculums that qualify our students to enter top institutions in Europe, the US, Canada and many other countries worldwide. Our lecturers and teachers provide students with continuous, fully personalised support so that each individual has the freedom to focus on their key strengths and interests.

Our Sixth Form College prepares young adults for long-term success. Due to our high-quality teaching and learning practices, our Sixth Form pupils achieve outstanding results and broaden their horizons on a national and international level before progressing towards the professional careers of their dreams. Popular alumni destinations include universities in the UK Russell Group and the US Ivy League.

Each year, around five students in our Sixth Form community are awarded a place at world-leading institutions, such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Columbia. We are proud to be a leading Sixth Form in Madrid with an established reputation for providing exemplary education, outstanding international experiences, and the ongoing support of passionate, knowledgeable teachers.

Best Sixth Form education in Madrid

Why Choose our Sixth Form in Madrid, Tres Cantos?

Our Sixth Form environment is unique. We deliver traditional courses, the UK A-level curriculum and the IB Diploma, yet we are modern in our approach and course delivery. Students receive individual attention and benefit from small class sizes, a caring environment, regular tutorial sessions, and bespoke university and career guidance.

We are delighted to see the progress of pupils as they continue their first-class education at our school. The main focus of the Sixth Form at King's College Soto is to help students in a number of areas. We help them prioritise their well-being and enjoy their studies; at the Sixth Form level, learning is rewarding; however, it can also be challenging, which is why we offer unrivalled student support to every individual.

Our careers and university counsellors possess a wealth of experience and help soon-to-be graduates secure places and scholarships at the most prestigious universities in the UK, Spain, and the US. Some of our Sixth Form students gain acceptance to courses at a number of excellent universities outside the traditional top few, and many choose to continue their studies in countries all over the world.

Both Sixth Form courses aim to empower individuals to follow the path of their choice after they leave school. Many choose to follow traditional paths of progression; however, as an innovative Sixth Form in Madrid, we also aim to support those who wish to dive into the entrepreneurial world.

Students who attend our Sixth Form are inspired to pursue their goals, achieve excellent results, and are excellently prepared to lead fulfilling lives beyond school.

Madrid Sixth Form Curriculum

Sixth Form Curriculum

We offer two academic pathways at our Sixth Form in Madrid. Students may follow the British education system and select the A-level option, or they may select the International Baccalaureate Diploma option. Those who follow the British pathway will choose three or four subjects, which they will study for two years. Those who select the Diploma Programme will study 6 subjects over a two-year period.

The benefits of A-level study are numerous. By choosing this academic pathway, students place themselves in a great position to secure admission to a top college or university at home or abroad. A-level graduates also demonstrate the required skills for their desired career choice, as the course is both rigorous and focused on three or four specific disciplines. Our A-level course encourages in-depth access to subjects that evoke interest, and entrants are supported to choose the topics that are right for them.

All pupils prepare for a Spanish qualification at an appropriate level, with most completing an A Level in Spanish in Year 13. Pupils select 3 subjects, no more than one from each option column (see our A-level guide here). Pupils who wish to study Further Maths must also take the Maths A-level. Depending on the student's language ability, all students will be enrolled in either the Spanish for native speakers or Spanish for non-native speakers course.

At the Sixth Form level, students are encouraged to attend ongoing personalised support sessions to discuss their university and career choices. Based on their educational pathways and career preferences, they receive advice regarding personal statements and the application processes for top universities. From the beginning of Year 12, the Headteacher provides students with tailored planning guidance for their educational pathway. The Head has years of experience working directly with students to help them prepare for, and successfully apply to, prestigious universities, including Oxbridge.

Facilities for Sixth Form Students
Sixth Form in Madrid library
Study area for Sixth Form students
Sixth Form science labs

Sixth Form Facilities

Our Sixth Form in Madrid is excellently equipped to meet the needs of a dynamic pre-university learning community. Pupils are presented with a range of spaces which bring learning to life and prepare them for success in a range of professional and academic environments. At this level, students are given more autonomy in their learning and become responsible, diligent and disciplined in their approach to independent and collaborative study.

The school's Sixth Form facilities comprise a modern, spacious library and a vibrant Sixth Form study centre. Students also have exclusive access to comfortable Sixth Form common rooms in which they can socialise with one another during much-needed leisure periods, as an essential aspect of Sixth Form education is fostering positive communication and relationships between learners.

While guided by passionate teachers, our community of future leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals are encouraged to form close-knit, supportive friendships with one another. Our Sixth Form students are also encouraged to continue honing their academic, sports and artistic skills across our beautiful 12-acre site during enrichment sessions and after-school clubs, which offer the perfect opportunity to attend to personal interests and participate in competitive sports.

We aim to lead our students towards long-term success beyond exams. Not only do we offer access to excellent academic resources and modern STEM labs, but the Sixth Form timetable enables students to cultivate their sports and artistic talents in preparation for auditions and try-outs. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a full-size sports pitch, a modern fitness centre, a 400-seat auditorium, and an indoor swimming pool. Led by sports coaches and music and drama specialists, many of our soon-to-be graduates gain successful admission to top institutions worldwide and attain scholarship awards in athletics and the creative and performing arts.

Madrid Sixth Form teachers

Sixth Form Teachers

Our Sixth Form teaching staff are highly experienced, British-qualified professionals who deliver our academic courses with the utmost care for our students' individual needs. Having received training in the UK, our teachers are well-versed in the requirements stipulated by both Sixth Form pathways and ensure pupils meet their learning objectives by organising regular individual meetings and tutorials to review progress. They assist students with exam preparation, projects and coursework assignments during whole-class revision sessions.

Extracurricular Activities & Additional Support at our Sixth Form

Sixth Form education gives students the chance to pursue their passions and interests to an advanced level. At our school, senior students may attend a range of exciting clubs and activities provided in the Sixth Form Extracurricular Activities Programme. Over 40 different activities are available and many lead to national and international recognition in music, performing arts, sports and academically focused pursuits. Students who wish to find employment and apprenticeship opportunities to prepare for university or professional roles can gain assistance during specialist workshops dedicated to CV and application support.

Sixth Form Assessment

Assessment & Examination support

Our Sixth Form teaching staff are highly experienced, British-qualified professionals who deliver our academic courses with the utmost care for our students' individual needs. Having received training in the UK, our teachers are well-versed in the requirements stipulated by both Sixth Form pathways and ensure pupils meet their learning objectives by organising regular individual meetings and tutorials to review progress. They assist students with exam preparation, projects and coursework assignments during whole-class revision sessions.

Guiding Students Towards International Success

Our Sixth Form provides students with an ideal environment to develop their skills and unleash their talents to the highest level. Discover how Sixth Form education at King's College Soto has lead our recent graduates towards the careers and university placements of their dreams.

Sixth Form access to Universities

Berklee School of Music

Our students have been accepted to the Berklee School of Music (USA), one of the most prestigious music programmes in the world. All of our pupils gain performance experience while enroled in our bespoke music course and integrated music school. Each year, our students perform in numerous concerts and productions in our 400-seat auditorium, broadening their instrumental, voice and ensemble repertoire.

Top university admissions for Sixth Form students

Russell Group Universities

Every year, our Sixth Form music students join courses at Russell Group universities. Most recently, our graduates began music, performance, and composition degrees at Nottingham University. King's College Soto pupils also study music production and music management at institutions in the Netherlands, US, and UK.

Theatre at Sixth Form

Top Universities for Theatre and Drama Education

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
University of Florida
Trinity College

At King's College Madrid, students access top universities for theatre and drama education. Recently, members of our Sixth Form community joined the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, while others now study Drama and Theatre at the University of Florida.

Members of our Sixth Form alumni study dual Literature and Drama programmes delivered by Colombia in the US Ivy League and Trinity College, Ireland's oldest university. Additionally, several of our students have achieved success as professional actors in acclaimed TV series in the UK and Spain.

Sports education at Sixth Form

Top Universities for Sports Education

Stirling University
Bath University
The Olympic Games

Many students go on to top universities worldwide and continue their sports training at a national and international level. King's Soto students have competed in the Olympics, including the recent London and Rio Olympic Games.

Our graduates secure places at the University of Bath and are selected to play basketball and other sports for their university teams. Full scholarships to the US are often awarded to King's Soto students in a range of disciplines, including rowing, tennis, water polo, football, and golf.
Sixth Form education with arts

Top Universities for Creative and Performing Arts

Concord University
Slade School of Architecture - University College London

At our Sixth Form, young artists are given the foundation they need to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the world for the creative and performing arts. Recent admissions include a Fine Arts degree at Concord University in Canada and Fashion and Design degrees in Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain. Our ex-students are accepted to the Institute of Fashion in Paris and the Slade School of Architecture at University College, London.

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