A Summer Adventure

Welcome to the King's College, Soto de Viñuelas 2022 Summer Camp Experience!  

Our various camps are designed for young children and teens aged 3 to 16 years old who wish to improve their English or Spanish and live the most unforgettable summer experience in Spain. Thanks to our first-class onsite boarding residence, our camps offer not only day options, but also residential options, which can be tailored to the needs of each camper. 

Our unique camps offer four different areas of focus: 

The different camp options all include excursions, that allow students to truly immerse themselves in local culture and make long-lasting memories. All our camp experiences offer an outstanding opportunity for young people to grow self-confidence, skills, creativity, assertiveness and healthy habits. So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity, as places are limited - contact us now! 

Our Location  

King's College, The British School of Madrid is a prestigious day and boarding school located in the leafy suburb of Soto de Viñuelas, nestled between Spain’s capital city of Madrid and the Guadarrama mountains. Connections by road, rail and air are optimal, as the school is just a 30-minute drive from Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suarez International Airport and is also served by a mainline train station in Tres Cantos, ensuring that both local and international campers have full and easy access to the site.  

The location is perfect for students looking to explore Madrid and immerse themselves in this unique Day and Boarding school experience and allows campers to meet and make friends from not only Spain, but all corners of the globe!  

The campus itself offers an attractive 12-acre site with a multitude of first-class onsite facilities, all of which can be fully enjoyed by our visiting campers.

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How does it work?

Our camps can be 1-4 weeks long; we have 4 options to pick from depending on your age, interests and goals. 

All of our options can be either as a residential camper thanks to our onsite residence (Arriving Sunday departure day Saturday), or as a day camper (Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 daily) 

Camp Options

Campus Experience with Real Madrid Foundation
Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience with Languages

This first-class football campus experience is combined with language learning

Global Camps - King_s College Soto de Viñuelas
Languages and Sports

The combination of English or Spanish and Sports is the fundamental


Performing Art summercamps Soto de viñuelas
English Performing Arts

This dance, music and performance camp is delivered in English.

English for kids summercamp soto de viñuela
English for Kids

We focus on topics that are crucial for successful coexistence now and in the future. 

facilities summer camp Soto
summer camp facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

We work on a ratio of 1 monitor/teacher for every 10 campers.

For the youngest campers (3 to 5 years old) we have a ratio of 1 monitor for 5 students.

All our campers sleep within the school facilities. There are two types of accommodation depending on the camp selected. 

*Tenbury House: Our International Boarding House has double to quadruple bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom. Junior students are assigned to triple and quadruple rooms. 

**Dorms: Six students' bedrooms with bunk beds and shared bathroom. Students may upgrade to Tenbury House upon availability.

Yes, all our residential campers have a weekly laundry service.

The main costs of the camp are entirely covered, but there is the opportunity to incorporate extra activities if people would like. Excursions are included for residential students; however day students can join if requested beforehand.

Transfers are available on arrival and departure from Adolfo Suárez Madrid - Barajas International Airport.

Language classes are limited to 15 students; however we try to keep them to 1:10.

Activity sessions ratio will vary based on the activity in sports groups, but it will always be low.

We provide camps in both English and Spanish.

The language spoken through the camp program will depend on the language selected, which will be either English or Spanish.

We propose that students bring only what is necessary for any snacks or presents they desire to purchase, with an average of 6 euros per day and a maximum of 50 euros per week.

On arrival at the camp, the money must be handed in an unopened envelope labelled with the student's name and the amount. This envelope will be stored and will be administered on a regular basis.

Our team oversees the allocation of rooms based on gender and age, while also considering the campers' well-being.

We listen and make every effort to respect the participant's decision. However, we strive not to accommodate more than one friend per camper because this might have a negative impact on the interaction with other participants.

No. Due to possible allergies, we ask that campers do not bring their own snacks, unless it is for specific dietary requirements, in which case please let the monitors know on arrival.

Yes, after supper, our campers enjoy a free time session to make and receive calls. We provide cell phones at the camp, so campers do not need to bring their own.

However, we do not advise campers to phone home every day because chatting to parents too often can make them homesick. This can have a bad impact not just on your child, but also on the campers around them.

Each day campers should bring the following items in a backpack: filled water bottle, sunscreen, swimsuit, and towel.

It is not recommended that students bring a mobile phone, but if they do, it must be clearly labelled with their name as well as the charger. It must be handed in to the camp management at the time of reception.

The pupil will only be given the phone during free time after dinner.

It is suggested that students do not bring any valuables to camp.  Suppose they do bring valuables, such as iPods, consoles, video games, or other electronic devices. In that case, the management will collect them on the day of arrival to encourage the child's socialization with the rest of their classmates and prevent using these devices from isolating them from the group.

Although students do not take any traditional tests, their daily progress is monitored through verbal presentations and project demonstrations.

Groups will be formed according to level and age (beginners, intermediate and advanced), with oral tests on the first two days of the course. Each student will receive a Student Report at the end of their stay with us.

Yes, students from other schools are welcome to attend our Summer School. We encourage the international sharing of experiences.