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06 SEPT 2021


Primer día del trimestre

De PPN a Year 13


Soto Weekly

Issue 39

Week one of term has flown by and I have been delighted to welcome pupils back to school. Without pupils schools are strange places and it has been wonderful to see the pupils learning, enjoying classes and of course talking with their friends. This year, one of King’s College’s key curriculum areas of development is outdoor learning, making great educational use of our school site and local environment. To this end some renovations of the site have taken place this summer in the area of the memorial garden and allotment. Inside the school building the Year 5 and 6 corridors have had a complete makeover and the building works have modernised and changed the feel of the building. King’s College is looking forward to further renovations of the main school in the coming few years.


The Soto Weekly Issue 39 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 38

Finally, it is the end of the school year and what a year it has been. Remarkable achievements by our pupils, well evidenced by the successes of pupils in the eleven prize-giving and graduation events we have held in the last two weeks. It was a real pleasure to see events returning after a year’s hiatus due to Covid 19. Next term we look forward to an enhanced enrichment curriculum for pupils as the threat of Covid 19 recedes.

This year has been full of extraordinary challenges, Brexit, institutional changes and Covid 19. Conscious of the impact on pupils in certain subjects we launched a series of very successful Masterclasses in the Secondary School to assist students and to reinforce their learning. I am also delighted to confirm once again that we are staffed for September 2021.


The Soto Weekly Issue 38 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 37

This week pupils have really had a sense of the end of term approaching. The pupils in Primary have greatly enjoyed the first week of Healthy Lifestyle fortnight, whilst the Year 13s have been getting ready for their graduation event this Friday evening.
There is one week until the summer holiday. Pupils and staff are looking forward to their holidays.
Soto is a large school and with well over one hundred teaching staff, each year we sadly say goodbye to some staff as they are promoted, or teachers decide the time has come to move closer to relatives and friends. Meredith Silburn, Assistant Head of
Primary, James Jones from the PE Department and Cathy Kong, Head of Maths, are all moving to new roles in the Americas.


The Soto Weekly Issue 37 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 36

The summer has really arrived and pupils are enjoying the opportunity to undertake learning and classes outside.
As we approach the last two weeks of term I would like to thank parents for their support with implementing Covid 19 safety measures. No new classes have had to be placed in isolation this week which is very good news.
I wish all King’s families an enjoyable and restful weekend.


The Soto Weekly Issue 36 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 35

The safety of pupils in school is of paramount importance for us. Covid 19 measures remain in place, such as regular hand washing and social distancing. It is of critical importance pupils continue to wear facemasks at all times in school.

This week three different classes, two in Year 8 and one in in Year 6 have been placed in isolation at home because of the number of Covid 19 cases. This is a precautionary measure by the authorities implemented once the number of Covid 19 cases in the classes rose to three or more. The majority of children in isolation do not have Covid 19. However, it is notable through contact tracing that pupils who went to social events outside school contributed to the spread of Covid 19. Sleepovers in particular are problematic, and children should not attend them at this time; often the Covid 19 safety procedures cannot be completely followed at sleepovers.


The Soto Weekly Issue 35 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 34

This last week has seen many pupils in the school undertaking their end of year assessment. These assessments are a useful way to understand the progress pupils have made and any gaps in their learning that need addressing. The whole curriculum and assessment system is set up to enable pupils to learn, achieve and develop into mature adults, such as the excellent achievement of Marta who was recently informed that she has been awarded a certificate as a top student in Spain in Media Studies from the examination board. It is always a pleasure to see the great achievements of King’s pupils, which are the fruit of their conscientious work over many years.


The Soto Weekly Issue 34 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 33

As the weather warms up there is a feeling that summer is approaching. In school the Covid 19 provisions remain unchanged: regular handwashing, face masks warn at all times and pupils seated at suitable distances. However, it is pleasing to note that the vaccination campaign is proceeding in Madrid. Whilst Covid 19 remains a concern in society it is also noticeable that people are enjoying the opportunities that recent changes to Covid 19 regulations presented.


The Soto Weekly Issue 33 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 32

This week many pupils in Secondary have started some of their summer assessments and there is a real sense of purposeful work in the school. Classes continue in the other years of the school and it has been a pleasure to observe how pupils are benefiting from learning outdoors, making best use of our campus and the outdoor learning classroom area. Meanwhile IB pupils, as well as continuing their classes, are working on their Extended Essay; a piece of personal research which they undertake in a subject of their choice. An excellent discipline, the Extended Essay enables pupils to develop their skills of research, analysis and evaluation; invaluable skills for later life. Further details about our IB Diploma programme may be found here.


The Soto Weekly Issue 32 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 31

This has been a short but busy week and I very much hope that the pupils get some rest this weekend. A few gentle reminders about the summer uniform and weather. Pupils should remember to bring a water bottle to school; this is particularly important as the summer advances and temperatures rise. All pupils are reminded that they can now wear summer uniform and particular attention should be paid to ensuring that footwear is correct, secondary school girls’ skirts are of an appropriate length, and that only school pullovers can be used (when needed). It is also important to note that there has been no change in the Covid 19 safety rules: masks should be worn in school at all times, hands washed regularly and pupils should maintain a safe social distance between each other. 


The Soto Weekly Issue 31 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 30

The May bank holiday is upon us and I very much hope you have a restful and relaxing weekend. Over the weekend you might like to review the exciting Summer Camps programme King’s College has to offer this summer. After all the challenges of Covid 19 we are pleased to be able to offer a range of Summer Camp options, including the ever popular Real Madrid Football Camp, as well as drama and performance activities and a nursery option for young children. Full details of the camps can be found here. I am also very pleased to be offer a 10% discount off the cost of all summer camps courses booked over this weekend. After the long weekend summer uniform begins and all pupils should wear the correct summer uniform to school. If new items of uniform are required, please do not hesitate to contact the School Shop.


The Soto Weekly Issue 30 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 29

The Inspired Student Leadership Conference this week has been a real success. This can be clearly seen from the programme of the conference, which has been organised by students for students. It is great to see the way in which Soto pupils have not only participated in the Conference but also that three of our pupils have led the organisation of events and the Conference.
The conference well-illustrates the potential of our students to be the future leaders of tomorrow’s world. The ability of students to be leaders begins much earlier in their education with the emphasis from primary school onwards on team working, creative thinking, and resilience in learning, particularly not dwelling on mistakes, but learning from them.


The Soto Weekly Issue 29 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 28

Pupils at King’s College have been working hard this week as the term progresses towards the summer. One piece of advance notice is that summer uniform will commence on May 5th 2021. I will be writing to you with further details about the summer uniform next week.
As the Covid 19 epidemic continues I have noted that pupils and staff seem to be reading, perhaps somewhat more regularly than they usually do. The breadth of people’s reading is most impressive, and with the modern publishing industry there are many books at our fingertips. This variety of reading can be seen clearly and  explored through this set of interviews with a wide variety of well-known people talking about their reading, and the books that made them. 


The Soto Weekly Issue 28 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 27

Welcome back to the summer term. Pupils have made a great start to the term and have enjoyed the warmer weather we have experienced this week. As you are most likely aware from local news, Madrid local authority have confirmed that on 4th May 2021 elections will take place and consequently the school will be closed. In compensation for the loss of one day’s schooling, the summer term for pupils will be extended by one day and now finish on Friday 25th June 2021.


The Soto Weekly Issue 27 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 26

The end of Spring Term 2021 and what an excellent final week it has been. The non uniform day and charity fundraising was enjoyed by everyone today. This week the Berklee Music event was a marvellous experience for pupils and staff and really demonstrated the depth and variety of musical talent amongst our pupils. My sincere thanks to our Head of Music, Ms Amos, for organising the event.


The Soto Weekly Issue 26 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 25

An early end to the week and my very best wishes to all the fathers in our school community as the annual fathers’ day occurs this Friday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for your support and help that you offer the school. Parents and staff working together enable our pupils to make excellent progress in learning.


The Soto Weekly Issue 25 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 24

The term is continuing apace and it is pleasing to see how well pupils from EYFS to the Sixth form are progressing. Last week Senior Prefect interviews have concluded, and we have been most impressed by the number and quality of pupils who have applied in year 12 for the Senior Prefect jobs this year. Congratulations to all the pupils who applied for the Senior Prefect positions. 


The Soto Weekly Issue 24 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 23

Another super busy week at King’s College Soto. This week you have the opportunity to meet the children of Nyumbani, one of ournfour school charities, click on the video on Mr.Crouch’s page to learn more. Primary had a week filled with interactive learning. Reception have been learning about plant growth, creating their own sunflowers. Year 2 pupils have been building boats during their science classes to learn which material would float best. Scroll to the Secondary page to see our students results in the UKMT Maths Challenge! Finally, this week we introduce King’s Artwork of the Week!


The Soto Weekly Issue 23 – Read it here

Soto Weekly

Issue 22

Welcome back to our 22nd issue of the Soto Weekly. Make sure to check out Mr.Crouch’s page for the very fist 6M «Quote of the Week»! This week Primary and Secondary collaborated together with Bomberos Ayudan, one of our four school charities, to give them all the blankets and warm clothes we collected as a school. A big thank you to everyone who donated! Scroll all the way to the Secondary page to find out more about our brand new Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee. 


The Soto Weekly Issue 22 – Read it here 

Soto Weekly

Issue 21

What a exciting week it has been at King’s Soto. Year 1 students enjoyed a special ‘Castle Day’ this week to ‘bring to life all that they have been learning about in their Topic work on castles. We believe that the best way to remember the details of a topic and for it to become locked in our memories is to emerge ourselves into the theme. Year 5 students have been learning about the layers of the atmosphere and annotated the features of each region, in their Ciencias Sociales classes. Finally, scroll to the secondary page to take a look at our Year 12 IB Visual Arts students enjoying an outdoor sketching activity!


The Soto Weekly Issue 21 – Read it here

The Soto Weekly

Issue 20

Another busy week at King’s Soto! This week we have been discussing the importance of distinguishing Equality from Equity, scroll to Mr. Crouch page to read all about it. Our Primary students have been learning through sensory activities, they even went on a «bear hunt»! Year 8 students have been teaching our Year 7 students all about emotional well being. Finally, click on the King’s College Band link to be a part of their warm up jam sesh!


The Soto Weekly Issue 20 – Read it here

The Soto Weekly

Issue 19

Welcome back everyone to yet another fantastic week at King’s Soto. Scroll to Mr. Crouch’s page to read and listen to some GEOG – Rap – hers, students were aksed to exlpain the concepts of urban decline and deprivation within a rap based on a soundtrack from Detroit ́s very own Eminem! Primary has been very busy too, as always. From dynamic learning with dinosours, to World Religion Week, students have had the opportunity to learn with fun engaging activities. Finally, this week we celebrated Holocoust Memorial day, our upper Secondary students had the opportunity to listen to Eve’s story, an Auschwitz survivor who shared her story with over 800 schools. 


The Soto Weely Issue 19 – Read it here

The Soto Weekly

Issue 18

It has been a busy week at King’s Soto. The Charity Committee started a new intiiative to collect warm clothes and blankets for the homeless people of Madrid. We will be collecting donations until the 12th of February. For more information, scroll to the Deputy Head’s page. This week in the Primary School we have been celebrating World Religions Week and have been learning about different religions. The purpose of the week was to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony, and to acknowledge the similarities that different faiths have. Scroll to the Secondary page to read on of Alya’s «Retire Richer» articles about the stock market. Finally, the Soto Cretive Crew has launched a new section by Andrea (7N), who will be releasing a chapter of her mystery book every week!


The Soto Weekly Issue 18 – Read it here

The Soto Weekly

Issue 17

Welcome back everyone! Our first week of the second term started off really snowy. Students and staff took the most creative fun pictures that represented how they dealt with the snow. Scroll to the middle section to see all our King’s College snow pictures. We have also dedicated a page to the Prize giving pictures from last term. Congratulations to all the winners! Finally, we will be introducing our nw staff members in pairs every week. Check out the Headmasters page to get to know our new teachers!


The Soto Weekly Issue 17 – Read it here

The Soto Weekly

Issue 16

Last week of term! As we prepared for our last week before the holidays, the Christmas spirit was all around us. Primary and Secondary worked together to deliver our Christmas boxes to one of our charities: Bomberos Ayudan. Our geography classrooms were filled with innovative projects created by our Year 9 students. They recently finished learning about the Anthropocene and had to design a piece of technology which could help to ‘return’ our planet to a more natural state and reverse some of the harm which humans have done. Our Year 8 Math classes were taken over by a very special visit from Enrique the air traffic controller! 


The Soto Weekly Issue 16 – Read it here


The Soto Weekly

Issue 15

As a tribute to the constitution, two of our King’s students read an extract from it this week, broadcasted live on local Spanish television! Watch the video on the Secondary school page.

Year 8 amazed us with their dance skills. They prepared a routine based on the work of Christopher Bruce, turly inspiring! Finally, scroll all the way down to our Soto Creative Crew page for riddles, stories, and suggestions from our students!


The Soto Weekly Issue 15 – Read it here



The Soto Weekly

Issue 14

This week has been full of beautiful initiatives organised by both staff and students. Click on the link in the first page to listen to our wonderful Kings College band playing some classic Christmas songs. We also started a fundraising initiative called Toliet Twinning, scroll to the Secondary section to read all about 7N’s special contributions! 


The Soto Weekly Issue 14 – Read it here



Políticas del uniforme escolar

Se espera que los alumnos vistan el uniforme escolar correctamente y de manera apropiada en todo momento, ya sea dentro del colegio o en los trayectos de ida y vuelta al colegio.

Todas las prendas se pueden comprar en la tienda del colegio

Las expectativas básicas incluyen:

• Todos deben llevar zapatos de cuero azul marino o negro. No están permitidos ni los botines, botas, zapatos náuticos o zapatillas.
• Los pantalones de los niños deben ser a medida, de color gris oscuro , de lana, poliéster o una mezcla de ambos. No se permiten pantalones de algodón de ningún tipo, por ejempo: vaqueros, chinos, etc.
• Las faldas de las niñas deben ser del diseño oficial del colegio, compradas en la tienda del colegio.
• La longitud de las faldas debe ser la apropiada. El término “apropiada” significa justo por encima o hasta la rodilla. Los miembros del staff considerarán lo que es o no apropiado. Pueden llevar medias azul marino o calcetines oficiales del colegio hasta la rodilla.
• Durante el tiempo en el que se llevará el  “Uniforme de Invierno”, los niños deben llevar la corbata azul del colegio, con los botones de la camisa hecha hasta el botón superior de la camisa.
• Las camisas de los niños y las blusas de las niñas se deben llevar en todo momento por dentro de los pantalones o faldas respectivamente.
• Durante el “Uniforme de Invierno”, todos los alumnos deben llevar el blazer del colegio en todo momento, a menos que algún miembro del staff les den permiso para quitárselo.
• No se permite llevar camisetas de colores o prendas con diseños coloridos debajo de la camisa o blusa.
• Los jerseys deben ser azul marino, con cuello de pico y con la insignia del colegio
• El color del pelo debe ser natural (no se permite el pelo decolorado o teñido con colores que no son naturales).
• El pelo de los niños no debe ser más largo del cuello de la camisa, no se permite llevar barba, bigote o patillas.
• Los alumnos pueden llevar sólo el kit de deporte oficial del colegio en las clases de gimnasia. Se puede comprar en la tienda del colegio .
• El color de las zapatillas de deporte deben ser del color blanco como color dominante.
• Los accesorios/joyería deben usarse con máxima discreción.
• No se permite a los niños llevar pendientes y, en el caso de las niñas se permite el uso de un solo par de pendientes discretos. Los collares no deben ser visibles y sólo se permite llevar una pulsera.
• El maquillaje y el esmalte de uñas, deben ser discretos y sutiles.



La tienda está abierta de lunes a viernes

Horario periodo escolar
De 9.00 am a 3.00 pm y de  4.00pm to 5.00pm

Horario periodo vacaciones
De 9.00 am a 3.00 pm (Cerrada en los festivos nacionales).

La tienda se encuentra en la parte trasera, al lado del aparcamiento que está en frente de la residencia de estudiantes.


Gemma Pineda

Para solicitar citas especiales por parte de los padres residentes en el extranjero, se ruega envíen un correo electrónico a:

Ana Vega:

King’s College Shop, La Moraleja



Las comidas son elaboradas en el propio centro escolar, gracias a nuestro equipo de restauración (Nexalia). Los menús son diseñados por el departamento de nutrición, que se asegura que los alumnos coman de forma nutritiva, saludable y equilibrada, siguiendo las recomendaciones del Ministerio de Sanidad y AECOSAN (Agencia Española de Consumo Nutrición y Seguridad Alimentaria) en línea con la Estrategia NAOS.